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About Creatio Backstage

“Anyone can be cool but being awesome takes
practice! – Get awesome at Creatio”

You've spent endless hours dreaming about performing, recording, and managing music. Sure there are great opportunities out there to unleash your inner rock star but what if you could actually live the dream? Creatio is the only four-year accredited school in the Pacific Northwest to offer in-depth training in the recording arts and music industry business. You'll learn from music industry veterans who know firsthand what it takes to succeed. And you'll record at production studios that are the envy of other programs.

If your goal is to become a leader in the arts and entertainment industry, Creatio can help you get there from here. Most importantly, it's all done within the framework of a distinctly Christian environment.

We invite you to visit a Creatio Backstage event and take a tour of our studios to see all that we have to offer. If the first word out of your mouth is "Wow," don't worry.

We hear it all the time.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced musician, engineer, or manager—we have a place for you!


The mission of Creatio is to be the most successful and respected recording arts technology and music industry business program in the Northwest. Creatio will educate, innovate, and celebrate creativity, business, music, ministry, recording technology, and social responsibility. These values are our passion and at the heart of everything we do. Our students will be our focus, especially in regards to the history and tradition of performing, producing, and managing recordings and music with excellence. We understand the power of sound design and live & recorded music and its ability to influence people and make change in the world for good.

With incomparable passion, experience and equipment, Creatio makes dreams a reality for university students with career goals in the recording and music business industry. Reaching beyond the goal of musical success, the Creatio experience provides exceptional skills to rock your life.